Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Edward Scissorhands

'Edward Scissor hands' Is a Gothic love story about an unfinished creation of a man with scissors for hands. He is removed from his isolated attic located at the top of a Gothic castle placed on top of a hill, to live with a suburban family. When 'Pegg' finds Edward in his castle, her pastel lavender shaded clothes show a high contrast compared to the darkness of the castle. this contrast is reflected when Edward scissor hands enters suburbia.
Much like the story of Frankenstein, Edward is hated by the town for the way he looks, and by accidentally cutting Kim's finger with his scissors, is referred to as 'Satan' and is chased out the town. Another film that could be compared with this, is Beauty and the Beast, as it also shows that love conquers appearance.

The atmosphere and mood differentiates throughout the film. The small, pastel suburbia with painted houses shows a constant happiness throughout the town. The small windows also show a sense of paranoia that people have in this other wise perfect village. This is a strong contrast in comparison to Edwards castle.

From the town, it looks as if a dark shadow is cast over the hill in the otherwise sunny town. the clean cut town is a lot different to the castle which looks ragged and neglected.

However, past the gates, the happiness that surrounds the castle is a repeat of the town. The bright colours and beautiful sculptures begin to tell the story of Edward, which contradict his appearance.

The film differs from 'classic' horror films, as the 'horror' is not only shown in the typically Gothic castle, and Edward, bus also comes from the 'perfect' people living in the suburbia. The only horror characteristic of Edward is his hands, however the bad things he does with them are always accidents. The suburbans reaction to these accidents shows the real evil.

The music used at the beginning of the film uses a 79 musicians to create a mysterious piece of music which gives a scary eerie feel. The song played during the scene when Patt goes to the castle is mysterious yet playful, which combines the atmosphere of the happy character in the scary surroundings.

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  1. The inclusion of still images has given clarity to your analysis. You have made some good points but you could have included more detail.